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Associate Group Division Director

2008 Top 100 Producers Award
2009 Top 50 Producers Award
2010 Top 20 Producers Award
2010 Promotion to Associate Senior Group Director 
2011 Top 100 Producers Award 
2012 Top 30 Producers Award
2012 #1 Senior Group Director
2013 Top 10 Producers Award
2013 Promotion to Associate Division Director
2014 Top 50 Producers Award
2015 Top 50 Producers Award
2016 Top 30 Producers Award
2017 Top 150 Producers Award (Q1)
2018 Top 10% Producers Award (Q2)
2018 Top 10% Producers Award (Q3)

Hello, Welcome to My Page

I am Adrian Tan, an Associate Group Division Director at PropNex. 

As a certified Real Estate Agent in Singapore, my service is to assist my client in making the BIG decision in real estate matters. Whether they are looking for a home or an investment, to buy, sell or to rent, I will provide my service to them and to ensure them that they will get the best deal and nothing less. 

My affiliation with Dennis Wee Group will provide all of the additional resources and support needed to achieve the BEST PRICE in Selling through Maximum Exposure and ultimately a smooth transaction.

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Adrian Tan's Associates are Constanly ranked within top 10% out of 7100 agents within Propnex

Let us help you better your closing technique and achieve your goals!

We welcome all members, doesn't matter if you are not experienced, experienced or even someone who are considering a career in Real Estate.


Considering a career in real estate?

We have all been in this stage. We are weighing the pros and cons of joining the real estate industry. How feasible will it be for us to be in this industry and if it is really the right choice?

Let us help you make this decision. Contact us and let us discuss the pros and cons together before you make the big decision!

inexperienced agent?

It is always not easy to enter the new industry, especially in an industry as big as the real estate business.

Did you just get your license and become a registered real estate agent? If so, join us and we can explore further. We have experienced mentors in the team to guide you along and to achieve greater heights!

experienced agent?

We welcome experienced agent as well! Be part of our family. Let us share with you our techniques and you can share with us yours so we can grow together.

Be a mentor to new members and get the latest resources from our network. Grow with us and break your records!

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